Other things that might help

Scott Emerson

Supplements – One softgel per day of either borage oil, or evening primrose oil. A small softgel of vitamin e also seems to help.

Fish oil – Theory is good, but in practice we’ve never heard of anyone seeing results. Some dogs can be allergic to fish. Since there’s no apparent benefit, we’d vote this down. Besides, it gives your dog fish breath and makes their skin smell like fish. Not good.

Food change – Some dogs will benefit but it’s probably less than 10%. A good food is good, but it may not solve your dog’s skin problems. While most dogs aren’t actually allergic to corn and wheat, complex carbohydrates can produce high levels of blood sugar and aggravate the inflammatory response.

Other vitamins may benefit but be careful. Dogs metabolise some vitamins differently than people and they can overdose. Commercial diets have added vitamins so most dogs won’t need a supplement. If you give your dog vitamins be conservative.