Things that help

Scott Emerson

Baking Soda Swish – A quick fix is to keep a plastic container with some water with a few tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in it. Swish your dog’s paws and legs in the water and pat dry. It can help wash away pollens and calm down irritated, inflamed skin.

Benadryl – Works in some smaller dogs under about 15 pounds. Rarely works in larger dogs.

Injected corticorsteroids – Almost always works for six weeks to two months. The problem is that it has dimishing results and the side effects get more serious with repeated use. Long-term use should be avoided if possible.

Apoquel – Promising. People say it works. Still fairly new. Call your vet first to make sure they can get it if you want to try it for your dog.

Atopica – Works pretty well in smaller dogs that get the little white pimples on their snout and back, especially Yorkies. Doesn’t seem to be as significant in larger dogs. Side effects include nausea and gum tumors.

Dermapaw - Smells good. Feels good. Dogs like it.