Other allergy symptoms in dogs

Scott Emerson

If your dog has soft poop, it’s not always food. Dog's intestines can be affected by the same inflammatory response as their skin – from inhaled pollen and allergens. High carb diets can irritate their bowels and the result is mushy poop. Carpet scooting is also often caused by allergies. It makes their rectums itch, so they lick and scoot. Yep. Just dab a little Dermapaw on their itchy rectum and they should stop scooting for a while. Don’t worry. It won’t sting.

Cough – Some dogs will get a dry cough, usually at night, from allergies. If it becomes chronic, see your vet. Some vets will prescribe an inhaler in severe cases.

Ears – Dogs will often paw at their ears because their ear flaps or the sensitive inside itches. In some cases their toenails can scratch the skin of their ears. Dermapaw can help relieve the itch and protect ears from further harm. Dogs can also have increased ear infections, often caused by excess fluid from their sinuses draining into their inner ear. If your dog shakes his head more than once or twice a day, he might have an ear infection and needs to see a vet. Ear infections can be very painful and can cause serious injury. So if in doubt, check it out