About Us

One night, our dog started licking his paws.

A week later, he had licked all the hair off his feet. We went to the vet, had some tests, and got a 10-day supply of Prednisone. It helped for two weeks. Then things got worse. It spread to his legs, lips, tummy and face.

We went to other vets and got more tests, antibiotics, antifungals, medicated shampoos, more steroids. Nothing seemed to help. His skin started to crack and bleed. He became covered with weeping sores.
So we started experimenting. Eventually we developed a drug-free salve that really helped. We asked other people to try it on their dogs. We got vet students involved. We ask vets to try it. We gave it to dog rescues and asked what they thought. In all but a few cases it had a significant effect. Much more than we were expecting. We started giving it to rescues for their problem dogs.
But it became obvious that we couldn't afford to keep giving it away. There were too many dogs. So we came up with a name that was easy to remember, and started a business. 
Since then, 40,000 people have used it on their dogs. More than half have come back for another jar. You can see their stories on our facebook page. The pictures are awesome.
Our dog? He's getting older. Maybe a little cranky. As for his skin problems. He hasn't had them in seven years.